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The Evolution of a Recruiter


The Evolution : From Recruitment Agency to Recruitment Consultancy to Recruitment Partner


4 Years ago I wrote a pretty bold(more honestly, frustrated) article on the difference between a Recruitment Agency and a Recruitment Consultancy.


I absolutely went to town on how a consultant is far more thorough, asks more in depth questions relating to the job vacancy but actually, if we are honest, who was I kidding?! They are both the same. No one cares for the differences.


However, this brings me on to the evolution of “The Recruiter”.


There is a huge change in the way we recruit. Less people want to pick up the desk phone and most scroll on LinkedIn,Twitter and Instagram reading articles and posts of people.


The need to post “VALUABLE” content is absolutely a MUST in the last few years and with this is the need to build engagement with your audience, whom must more importantly, see value in your content.


My article focused a lot on the having a consultative approach to dealing with clients and candidates. The fact is our duty as recruiters is that we should be partnering with them.


HR teams aren’t your enemy, and by gosh don’t go behind the backs of internal talent acquisition teams. We must work together and collaboratively to share ideas that can be a success for everyone concerned.


Our vision of the “modern recruiter”is that you should be a social marketing recruiter. Yes we should consult and yes we should find the right candidate for the vacancy, but we should also aim to do more.


Our client’s brand is our brand and similarly our candidate’s motivations and careers are also their futures and therefore we have a duty of care to inspire and mentor them to make the RIGHT decisions, not the ones that are right for us.


Our goals at CX Squared are clear. We work for YOU. No matter who you are, what you need. We will do what is right by you and if we disagree or have a different view point, we will be open and honest to make sure we get you the right results and more importantly, are happy with them.

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