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Why do we always take; how about that fuzzy feeling called “fulfillment”?


Why do we always take, how about that fuzzy feeling called “fulfillment”?

I love my job.....well, I do a lot more now, now that I run things my way and in line with my family. This makes work/life balance easier to navigate.

Starting a business is mental and has of course, been stressful but it is stress that is completely in my control. No unnecessary pressure, that before use to weighme down, and play on my mind at all times of the day and weekends.

Since I setup {CX}² Talent Solutions I’m considerably happier. Now don’t get me wrong, we are still a start-up, so actually the stresses of supporting my family and not having our house repossessed is a thought that crosses my mind! I suppose, whatI’m trying to say, is that I am in complete control of my destiny, my business and how I run my personal life and work life.

I’d like to think I’m a great recruiter and no matter what your job is, I’d imagine we all give it our best and look to be successful in whatever we do. However, I know a lot of successful people, but many don’t seem to be happy or have fulfillment. I do think it is an important topic to raise. If you are seen as successful, does that make you happy? When you earn 100’s of thousands of pounds, does that make you happy?

Fact is, you can be successful in whatever you do, but why are still people bitter, angry and sad?

I think that we must appreciate the roles we play in society, not just in terms of our “9-5” but actually how we look to be role-models.

Everyone wants to be successful, I’m sure. But what is success? Is it measured by how much money you have, by the cars and rags you carry? Or is it through recognition or even fulfillment of doing something for others that doesn’t give you something physically back, but just a sense of purpose and appreciation – something you can't measure, just a nice feeling of fulfillment.

People enter different stages of their lives at different times and I think it is as important that we give back to society in our own fields, or even different fields, that gives us that fuzzy feeling, of just being kind and humble.

We don’t have to always take take take, it is sometimes nice to do something for nothing and to give back first.

Next Monday 7th October @ 3pm, we continue on our own mission to give back first as we talk about the skills gap in the tech industry and how we can solve them.

Register now: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-do-we-fill-the-skills-gap-in-the-fast-moving-technology-industry-tickets-73096482547

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