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Why I Created {CX}²


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When I decided to go and setup CX Squared and work for myself, the decision to do so was anything but simple.

Many of the recruitment businesses I worked in maintained the old school principles of KPI's and long hours, not seeing that the modern world around was changing. There was no flexibility and you were expected to be in the office at 7.30am and not leave till 7.30pm. That’s no place for a dad with a young family.

I’d been doing the recruitment game for nearly 10 years but the want to set up my own business had been burning inside of me for over 5 years. I was a great recruiter, but something was always missing, I never had the support of my previous managers to do something different. I got it though, it was their business, not mine.

Timing is always a bit of an issue. I had a young family. My amazing wife, sacrificed her work for our two children and the hustle and bustle of life keep whizzing by. Would I ever go and do what I wanted to?!  

People always dream, but without goals, they are only dreams (as Denzel Washington said). So for the last 2 years every idea I had, I wrote down. From the ridiculous to the simplest, to the impossible to the easiest, I kept it in a small black book and kept them all in that one place.

Finally, came the summer of 2019 and I gave myself the ultimatum, if you don’t just do it, you will never do it – this was advice I had from friends that had gone on to set up their own businesses and family who gave me the support and self-confidence that I could do anything.

Now I lookback, it has made me feel proud that I have made the jump and CX Squared is now alive and kicking and I am living my dream.

But the best part of this whole story is that I get the flexibility. It's not easy, I'm up at 6am most days and don’t stop till at the earliest 10pm. But I’m not working ALL those hours. I’ve created slots in my day that give me that flexibility. This can be anything, from going to the gym or supermarket. Taking my little boy to pre-school and enjoying breakfast and a coffee with my wife and daughter.

Being an owner of a business doesn’t have to be stressful, because at the end of the day if I’m being honest, my version of “happiness” is prioritized over money. You can't put a price on time and you can definitely, NOT put a price on time spent with your family and seeing your children grow up.

So whilst Iknow CX Squared is going to be an absolute success and I have the support of all my friends and family, I now have the work life balance that I never had and as I always use to tell my previous members of my team, “Work SMART, not just HARD”.


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