< why {cx}>

We have grown frustrated with the way the recruitment industry has become increasingly transactional over the last decade and have decided to shift the negative perceptions of this “pre-historic” industry and so we created {CX}²talent solutions.

Simply put:

= C²X² = Candidate Experience x Client Experience

We are not claiming to change things completely, We want to supplement and complement the booming talent and technology markets by bringing them together and create a full-service talent solutions business. We are a community focused talent business that gives back first, working with our customers whom to us are both clients and candidates, but also inspiring the next generation of tomorrow, by looking to give them a platform to be the next best talent within the technology industry in the years to come.

< mission statement >


“We provide innovative talent solutions to the digital and technology markets, whilst giving back and enhancing tech communities.

We see ourselves as a recruitment partner - sharing new perspectives and operating ethically and transparently in order to shift long held opinions of the talent industry.

We aim to create a unique customer experience for our candidates and clients throughout their journeys and be recognised as a honourable company to work alongside.”


< we's + c's >

< communication >

We communicate through every step of the process.

< collaboration >

We collaborate to identify your goals and help achieve them with you.

< creativity >

We do not do ordinary, nor typical. We are Creative and innovative.

< consultative >

WE do not say yes if it is not possible. WE Consult with you to ensure we reach your goal.

< clarity >

We want no questions left unanswered, so if we need to know something rest assured we will always Clarify  and hope you will too.

< comprehensive >

We provide comprehensive and proactive talent solutions no matter the task or problem.  

< confidently >

We have full confidence in our ability to achieve your objectives and so will you.

< convinced yet? >

if there is anything else you would like to know about us or if you have any question at all about our service we would love to hear from you...

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